At East Pointe we believe strongly in carrying out the great commission given to the local church by Jesus. . . “And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature’” Mark 16:15

We do this primarily through our world-wide Missions program.   We partner with Missionaries all over the globe to share the love of Jesus and the gospel message with every soul.  We provide both prayer support and financial support to help these missionaries accomplish the work of Christ.    Below is a list of the Missionaries with whom we are currently partnered.   Please take a moment and pray for them.   Donations that are given to missions at EPC are used entirely for missions. 

Missionary Focus of the Month

Thanglal Haokip (India)


Thanglal Haokip and his family serve the Lord in the North Eastern part of India. There ministry reaches the most vulnerable people through the preaching and teaching of God's word. They serve on the front lines of evangelism in and area that can be very hostile towards the preaching of God's word. Below are a few pictures of the ministry work that East Pointe Church is apart of.  
1. This is our newly started church (This couple leads the gathering).
2. I trained 12 pastors and leaders "Pastoral care and counseling for 2 days"
3. Another church we started in Bhutan boarder....where I dedicated the child.
4. Our third church where I ministered the "holy communion" after 6 months of lockdown.
5. Helping the slum children with food and commodities during lockdown.

Prayer Focus:

Pray for them as their ministry continues to grow and that God continues to provide and protect. Pray for wisdom and grace on Pastor Thanglal as he leads his church and his family. 


East Pointe Supported Missionaries

Matthew 24:14

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

(Click on the name to learn more)
  1. Bret & Katie Anderson – Spain               
  2. Andrew & Miranda Brothers – Poland
  3. Marc & Jesse Buxton - Philippines 
  4. Adam & Ayla Cottrell – Thailand
  5. Matt & Katie Dooney – Word of Life
  6. Shaun and Christian Evans - Sierra Leone
  7. Nathan & Tiffany Foltz – Tanzania
  8. Josh Freeman – Togo, West Africa
  9. Bob & Joanna Graham – South Africa
  10. Thanglal Haokip – Northeast India
  11. Javier & Tiffany Hidalgo - Scotland                
  12. Ed & Annita Hoagland – Mexico City
  13. Bruce& Ruth Jernigan – AWANA               
  14. Corey& Jessica Kershner – Taiwan
  15. Jeremy & Karissa Lynn – Ethiopia
  16. Cory& Jessie Lyons Philippines                                                                              
  17. Luke & Kelly Lyons – Philippines
  18. Greg& Wendy Mann – Guyana                                                               
  19. Jerry & Jeannie McCorkle – Spread Truth
  20. Glenn & Sheri McGhee – Ecuador
  21. Luiz & Ana Luiza Nunes – Cape Verde, West Africa
  22. Richie & Missy Orrick – Wales
  23. Abby Oshman - Zambia
  24. Jeff & Sandra Price – Bolivia
  25. Ian & Amanda Richards – Australia
  26. Adolfo & April Ruesga – Spain
  27. Jonathan & Anna Saliba – Colombia
  28. Shane & Kayti Salmon – Thailand
  29. Suresh & Archana Sawant – West India
  30. Rick & Fran Schuessler – Caribbean
  31. Eric & Amanda Shadle – Ethiopia
  32. Chris & Miranda Shirrell – Japan
  33. Grant & Rebecca Skelton – East Asia
  34. Doug & Amber Staley – Ireland
  35. Jim & Barbie Waters – Zambia
  36. Trinity Baptist College
  37. Louisiana Baptist University
  38. Missionaries in Hostile countries. 


How can I pray for an Unreached People Group (UPG)?

Check out joshuaproject.net to receive an UPG of the week to pray for.

They have an App available that will send you the name of an Unreached People Group of the week to pray for.

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