Common Questions

Do I have to be a Christian to come to East Pointe Church? Do I have to believe the same way you do before I attend?

Absolutely not! When Jesus said come as you are, He did not mean go get clean and then when you are good enough He'll accept you. He meant to simply come as you are. At East Pointe, we invite you to come as you are. We want to help you know God better. Knowing God better is a journey. Our desire is to partner with you wherever you may be on that journey, encourage you, and help you figure out some next steps.

What should I wear?

We're more concerned about what's on the inside of a person than what's on the outside. You are welcome to wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in. You'll find people wearing everything from sandals, jeans, and t-shirts to dresses, dress shirts, and ties.

What's available for my kids?

Raising a generation of people who are joy-filled, resilient and empowered means leading our kids to have a strong relationship with Jesus. We're here to partner with you in that. Our Kids Pointe ministry is dedicated to helping support you and your children.

Are you going to call me out or embarrass me? 

We want you to feel comfortable. We are not going to ask you to stand or raise your hand or wear a name tag (unless it is name tag Sunday). We would like for you to fill out a guest card so we can assist you in your visit to East Pointe, however, your information and privacy are important to us and we will never sell or misuse any information you provide. 

Am I going to be pressured to give money? 

As our guest, you are under no obligation to give. You will feel no pressure from us. You can allow the offering plate to pass by without any embarrassment or shame... really. 

What kind of music do you play? 

Our music is contemporary. We play stuff like Hillsong United, Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, Bethel Music, David Crowder and many more. We also weave traditional hymns in with our worship. 

What's your preaching / teaching like? 

Christ-centered, Biblically sound, relevant.

Click Here to listen to sermons. 

What do you believe... what are your doctrines? 

To see a list of our values and beliefs, click here.

What denomination are you? 

At East Point, we consider ourselves a non-denominational church with a Baptist heritage. We have a strong desire to connect with people from all walks of life and welcome anyone from any denomination or background.

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